Thursday, January 10, 2013



Boy, am I going to get some flak for this decision, but isn’t that the point of a “guilty pleasure”?  Isn’t it meant to be a film of questionable quality that for some reason you find yourself enjoying?  This year my guilty pleasure comes in the form of the horror film “House At The End Of The Street”, a film that has been getting almost universally horrible reviews, however despite all of this, I had a really good time watching it.  Do not get me wrong, even as I was watching it, I knew that the film was generic as all hell and instantly forgettable, but for whatever reason, it did not stop me from really enjoying the film.  This may have been a case of going into a film with almost no expectations, so it could only surprise me, but I also believe that there is some good to it.  The lead performance from Jennifer Lawrence I thought was great, as was Max Thieriot whose role changes throughout the film the more we find out about him.  “House At The End Of The Street” has been competently put together by director Mark Tonderai, there is nothing special or flashy about it, but it is serviceable for the story being told, but my favourite aspect of the film is it’s twist at the end which is a little more demented than is usually seen in these cookie cutter Hollywood horror films.  I will admit that the film is not great, but it is better than its reviews seem to indicate, and I am sure that I will revisit it in the future.

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