Monday, January 9, 2017



This film was a total surprise and I only ended up watching it because of my kids, but boy was I glad that I did, because I ended up loving every minute of it. I had no idea that the film was directed by David Lowery, whose previous film was the “criminals on the run and in love” yarn “Ain't Them Bodies Saints”; a film that you wouldn't immediately think the director of would be perfect for a Disney film, but perfect he ended up being. So kudos for Disney for taking that chance, if they did indeed feel it was a chance.

Pete's Dragon” is such a beautiful film, chock full of emotion, heart, warmth and it even includes a few laughs too. While this may come off as a hyperbolic statement, I promise you that its the truth, but I consider “Pete's Dragon” the best kids/family film I have seen since 2010's “Tangled”. The performances were all splendid, the direction had the lightest of touches, and I just loved the design of Elliot, the dragon, who is given real character. The fact that he is a furry dragon is just perfect as seeing Pete snuggle into his dragon and protector is just a beautiful image that tugs at the heart strings.

I'm not going to say much more about “Pete's Dragon” because it makes an appearance in my top twenty list (spoilers), but if you have overlooked the film, I implore you to give it a chance because it really is that good. You will not be disappointed.

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